Overview of the major manufacturers of dishwashers.

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    How to choose a dishwasher?

    Washing machines have become good guests, more precisely, the masters in our house. But as dishwashers, their many housewives somehow do not favor, saying: a linen wash - it's needed a lot of work, but wash the dishes by hand - simple. But sometimes even a small chore tires larger than that which has to do from time to time. After dishes, as stated in the good old joke, how much is not mine, does not become smaller.

    It would seem to wash over a plate and cup - is easy. But if you eat dense whole family, but to add to it all the dishes (dirty pots and pans fat) in which food is prepared - it's already done. And so every day. Therefore, the question of "who today do the dishes" is often not something that leads to disputes, and to the whole family scandals.

    But why spoil the nerves in this situation if there is such a simple and wonderful way - buying a dishwasher. Do you still wondering? Weigh the "pros" and "cons"? In the end, you do not know how to buy a dishwasher? We try to answer all your potential questions.

    Or not to have?

    Many of the acquisition of this, no doubt, a very necessary kitchen utensils holds a number of reasons. First of all, scares, of course, the high price of this technique. It is. But it's worth noting that it has been steadily declining. Confused and considerable cost of special facilities for washing utensils. But first, a bottle or a liquid agent pack powder quite long enough. And secondly, today there are many means by which you can even save money.

    Long, but qualitatively.

    And another factor that initially just "kills" housewives - the fastest program dishwasher lasts about an hour, and to thoroughly wash the dishes instrument may need time twice or even three times more.

    The argument is simple - it hands the same number of dishes can be washed for 10-15 minutes. It is difficult to argue. But would you buy a dishwasher to wash dishes faster? No! And in order to rid yourself of this work. After all, what's the difference how long the unit will need to make your dishes crystal clear, five minutes or an hour if you are at this time can do very different things. And then just get it perfectly clean, dry bowl.

    Solid gains.

    The presence in the apartment dishwasher, no doubt, will make your family life more comfortable, and more - much more economical. Indeed, the presence of such a device in your kitchen - it is an opportunity to save water and energy. Yes, yes, you probably do not know that even a full-size dishwasher, such as Bosch SMS 50D32 uses during the washing of water with 12 liters of water! This is several times less than if you have washed the same volume dishes by hand.

    Principle of operation.

    The basic principle of virtually all dishwashers is extremely simple. In the working chamber is served hot or cold water, add special cleaners and utensils starts intensively sprayed with water jet machine rigidity which governs itself by a special salt. Almost all models have several modes of cleaning, basic - economy, standard and intensive. Various models differ only size, shape, color, and an additional set of features and capabilities.

    Type of device.

    There are several types of dishwashers - full size, narrow and board. First designed for large families (at least 4-5), for fans crowded parties or semi-professional use - for example, in the mini-cafe. Device width of about 60 cm, and it is usually possible to simultaneously wash more than ten sets of dishes, as well as frying pans, pans and pots.

    But such a dishwasher, as an example of model Electrolux ESI 6510 LOK or Zanussi ZDT 91601 FA, occupies a large area. If space allows - safely purchase a full-size model - consumption of water and electricity in all the machines are almost identical, but the dishes can be washed much more.

    If your kitchen is small, it is probably wiser to give preference to narrow the dishwasher - 45 cm. It is also perfectly able to wash 9-10 sets of dishes, and excellent save space. Featured in this segment model Hotpoint-Ariston LSF 723, Bosch SPS 40E02 and Indesit DSG 051.

    If space is lacking altogether, you can opt for a compact car. It is able to wash less than 4-6 sets of dishes, but it can be placed on a table or, for example, on the brackets of low refrigerator. Gently will look Electrolux ESF 2300 OW, Bosch SKS 50E01 and Indesit ICD 661.

    If you want the device did not violate general stylistic image of kitchen design, there is an option to purchase Integrated dishwasher, for example, Hotpoint-Ariston LST 1147 or Bosch SPV 40E10.Takie device can be completely hidden from prying eyes, and can be installed under a worktop. Some models can be adjusted in height by means of legs.

    Purchase a dishwasher, and very soon you will see that it is a full owner of the kitchen and a necessary device, like a refrigerator and stove.



    Dishwasher Bosch SGI 69T05
    Bosch SGI 69T05

    Dishwasher Electrolux ESF 2210 DK
    Electrolux ESF 2210 DK

    Dishwasher Siemens SF 55M552
    Siemens SF 55M552

    Dishwasher Hotpoint-Ariston LSF 835
    Hotpoint-Ariston LSF 835

    Dishwasher BEKO DSFS 6530 X
    BEKO DSFS 6530 X

    Dishwasher Hansa ZIM 614 H
    Hansa ZIM 614 H

    Dishwasher Indesit DISP 5377
    Indesit DISP 5377

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